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, they voted unanimously for tough sanctions against north korea for its latest nuclear test, a move that the associated press as has sparked furious reaction in pyongyang. the new u.n. sanctions are aimed at making it more difficult for north korea to obtain material for its weapons program. here is what the vote looked like today at the united the nation's. -- the united nations. >> [speaking in russian] >> the agenda is adopted. under rule 37, i invite the representatives of belgium, canada baja, denmark, the philippines to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will begin its consideration of item 2 of the agenda. members of the council also have before them a document, text of a draft resolution submitted by australia, belgium, canada, denmark, france, italy, japan, morocco, the philippines, republic of korea, rwanda, togo, united kingdom of great britain, and northern ireland, and the united states of america. it is my understanding that the council is ready to proceed to the vote on the draft resolution before it. i should put the draft resolution
.n. security council not to impose tougher sanctions on north korea for its recent nuclear tests. this is just over two hours. >> this hearing on north korea will come to order. on february the 12th, north korea conducted its third test, his most powerful test today. a nuclear weapon, a smaller weapon because north korea is working on miniaturizing a sweatband in order to place it on the head of an icbm. this followed decembers launch of a three stage ballistic missile. we've had test after test, broken promise after broken promise and successive administrations, both republican and democrat have clung to an unrealistic hope that one day, north korea will negotiate away its nuclear programs. if they hope in a 1994, many senior members here shaer when they pass agreement in 18 years ago with north korea. but during that whole period of time we attempted to engage, we found instead that north korea was perfecting their weapon, was violating those negotiations. so the approach we have taken has failed at three nuclear tests later, i think we have to be realistic. we have to find a better alternat
security council on north korea. that is followed by un security council members on policy towards north korea. the senate judiciary committee today passed a bill on gun trafficking largely along party lines. the legislation toughens penalties for those who buy guns for those who cannot legally own them. they also began debate on an assault weapons ban offered by out for new senator diane feinstein. this markup is an hour and 40 minutes. >> good morning. we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine senators. i think, senator grassley, we can get going. first off i want to thank senator paul for having a filibuster which kept everybody still in town so we can have a quorom to talk about guns that may not have been his number one reason for doing it, but we take ancillary benefits wherever they come from. last week we all had the opportunity to talk about legislation before the committee regarding gun violence in america. we gave our speeches. and i hope we could make significant progress. earlier this week i was joined by senator collins, senator durbin, gillibrand, and se
on a resolution to um pose stronger sanctions -- impose stronger or sanctions against north korea because of recent nuclear tests. many return north korea is threatening to cancel the 1953 ceasefire that ended the korean war. this week the house foreign affairs committee held a hearing on north korea's nuclear program and the effectiveness of u.s. and u.n. sanctions. this is two hours. >> this hearing on north korea will come to order. on february the 12th, north korea conducted its third test, its most powerful test to date, a nuclear weapon -- a smaller weapon because north korea is working on miniaturizing its weapon in order to place it on the head of an icbm. this followed december's launch of a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile. so we've had test after test, we've had broken promise after broken promise and successive administrations both republican and democrat have clung to an unrealistic hope that one day north korea will suddenly negotiate away its nuclear program. it's a hope that in 1994 many of our senior members here shared when we passed the nuclear framework a
on c-span3. >> the u.n. security council voted today for new sanctions against north korea. the unanimous vote by the 15- member council. the resolution puts new restrictions on north korea. [speaking foreign language] >> the agenda is adopted. under rule 37 of the council's provision of rules of procedure, i invite the representatives of belgium, canada, denmark, italy, japan and the philippines to participate in this meeting. if so desired. -- it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item 2 of the agenda. members of the council also have before them document 2013 stroke 136, the text of a draft resolution submitted by australia, belgium, canada, denmark, italy, france, italy, japan, morocco, the philippines, the republic of korea, rwanda, togo, the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland and the united states of america. it is my understanding that the council is ready to proceed to the vote on the draft resolution before us. i shall put the draft resolution to the vote now. will those in favor of the draft resolution contain
department oversight hearing. >> last week on north korea threatened a pre-emptive nuclear attack on the united states. in retaliation for a new united nations sanctions. later that same day, the senate foreign relations committee heard policy on u.s. policy toward u.s. reduce toward north korea. .his is about two hours beyon >> good morning. this hearing will come to order. this being the first hearing of this new term, it could not be a more timely hearing. recent developments in north korea -- most notably the february 12, 2013 nuclear test and the december 12, 2012 missile test -- highlight the growing threat that north korea poses to the united states, our allies and friends in the region, and the increasing dangers of severe instability on the korean peninsula. given this growing threat i believe that this committee needs to take a close look at current u.s. policy towards north korea; evaluate its effectiveness; and identify any mid-course corrections or new measures that are required to get our north korea policy right. i understand that as we convene this hearing this mor
.s. current policy towards north korea. in light of their third nuclear missile test last month. february 15th, the house passed a bipartisan resolution condemning north korea for the test and for violating u.n. security council resolutions. the committee heard from former state department and intelligence officials and that were involved in past negotiations with north korea. california republican congressman ed royce chairs the hearing. >> this hearing on north korea will come to order. on february the 12th, north korea conducted its third test, its mess powerful test to date, a nuclear weapon, a smaller weapon because north korea is working on miniaturizing its win in order to place it on the head of an icbm. this followed september's launch of a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile. we had test after test, broken promise and broken promise. successive administrations both republicans and democrats, clung to an unrealistic hope that one day north korea will suddenly negotiate away its nuclear program. it is a hope in 1994 many of our senior members here shared when we passed the n
defensive. in fact, there are striking similarities between iran and north korea, but one striking difference is the degree of ambition. you have described of regime in north korea that seems to be, the number one goal seems to be in nature that buying scotch is available to the elite. iran has sought to influence affairs around the world, bomb the jewish committee center. so iran, both by actions and rhetoric, is intent on accomplishing, on affecting things are outside its borders in ways that we would find unacceptable. going to ask our witnesses a question, i will preview for a second, and that is just in terms of billions of dollars, i want to break down north korea's sources of foreign capital or funds into the following categories. their military and nuclear exports, there a list of nonlethal exports, their illicit activities. and that i would include goods that are listed except for the fact that they are mislabeled and sold as made in some other country but actually made in north korea, or the caisson economic zone. the subsidies that they receive from china, including redu
control. make it a great day, everybody. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, as a defiant north korea steps up its angry rhetoric in a second act of military aggression in less than a week. hello, everyone, i'm kelly wright, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather childers in for jamie colby. the leader of north korea today saying he was entering, a quote, state of war with south korea and yesterday issuing a direct threat to the united states, claiming to have its rockets on stand by and ready to strike at any moment. liz bem prann is live for us in washington on the latest developing story. elizabeth. >> along with the threat of war, just this morning, kim jong-un threatened to shut down the caisson industrial complex, a zone of industrial plants from both north and south korea not far from the border. the park which continues to operate normally produce 470 million dollars worth of goods last year alone. south korea says the threat is quote, unhelpful to the country's already unstable relations. and yet, the young leader continues his chest-po
today. he said bellicose rhetoric only deepens north korea's isolation. on thursday, a more forceful demonstration: a pair of b-2 stealth bombers flew 6,500 miles to south korea and back, as part of ongoing joint military exercises een the two nations. the chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey, addressed the flight during a briefing with defense secretary chuck hagel. >> the reaction to the b2 that we're most concerned about is not necessarily the reaction it might elicit in north korea, but rather among our japanese and korean allies. you know those exercises are mostly to assure our allies that they can count on us to be prepared to and to help them deter conflict. >> suarez: all of this began with north korea's latest nuclear test in february. that prompted the u.n. nations security council to impose its latest round of sanctions against the north. and in turn, the north began a barrage of threats and other steps, from canceling the armistice that ended the korean war to cutting off various hot lines to the south. still, north korea's closest ally, china, called tod
of papers this morning. one other headlined, un council puts more sanctions on north korea. this is from the front page of the new york times -- we will get into those sanctions in the next segment of the washington journal this morning when we look at foreign relations issues in the united states. for the next 20 minutes we are staying focused on obama's, offensive and its impact on deficit talks. on twitter -- kate from scottsdale, arizona, on our independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i'm a first-time caller, and thank you, c-span. you know the phrase, damned if you do, damned if you don't, it resonates in this country louder than ever before. we have a president who was thwarted from the first day he entered office by this republican party. i am not in favor of a party. i am in favor of the attempts and trying. john boehner in his arrogance just in the clip you just showed, he cannot do anything without being insulted, denigrated, disrespected. no president is perfect, but i have never seen -- i did not vote for a long time because i was so sick of what this country --
numbers. there have been reports that north korea makes several hundreds of millions of dollars in the sales of weapons. less than a billion. the north korean economy is small in terms of per capita gdp. it is one of the lowest in the world. the only country in the asia- pacific with a smaller economy is burma. it is a 40 million our economy. when north korea was exporting around the year 2000, about half $1 billion worth of goods. this is soon after the years. korea gave north korea cash and other rendition is including food, fertilizer, worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year. over the course of a decade, south korea gave north korea unconditionally over $10 billion in aid. i do not want to say that was an unnecessary condition to prolonging the regime, what it was a factor. that kind of unconditional nondiscriminating aid i do not think is in the best interest of the international community. south korea still has a major joint economic venture with north korea. the industrial complex. the sum that north korea makes from that enterprise is $20 million or so per year. on
slapping on new sanctions. the un punishes north korea for its latest nuclear test, just as pyongyang threatens to strike the u.s. and brazil boasts the largest catholic community in the world. what are they looking for in a new pope? ego to rio de janeiro to find out --we go -- we go to rio de janeiro to find out. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. late today in caracas, venezuela's acting president said that hugo chavez's body will lie in state for at least another seven days. then his body is to be embalmed and permanently displayed in a glass casket. foreign leaders are arriving in venezuela ahead of the state funeral which is due to take place tomorrow. the bbc's katty kay -- katty kay is in the capital. what's the latest? >> it is a little bit chaotic. you have all of these foreign dignitaries flying into the country. two u.s. congressmen are here as well as 33 heads of state, all expecting a massive state funeral tomorrow. the government has decided that so many venezuelans want to pay their last respects to hugo chave
crowds with a massive lights display. north korea has threatened to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the united states. it is the latest escalation in the ongoing war of words. >> both the north and south have traded threats of military action in recent days. in a few hours, the united nations security council votes on new sanctions against north korea. >> the resolution is a response to p'yongyang's third nuclear test in february. >> a show of solidarity in p'yongyang just hours after the vote at the united nations. tens of thousands of north koreans gathered in the capital to protest against the sanctions. top officials told the crowds that north korea was ready to act. >> as long as the u.s. imperialists are turning upon us with nuclear weapons, we will also make a counterattack with diversified, many to rise, and precision nuclear weapons. >> p'yongyang has also balked at joint military exercises between south korea and the united states. about 10,000 u.s. soldiers are taking part in the drills. north korea accused the countries of preparing an attack. in response, p'yong
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: north korea stepped up its rhetoric today. its leader ordered his generals to get rockets ready to strike the united states. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the "newshour" tonight, we assess the escalating tensions on the peninsula, coming after the u.s. staged military drills with south korea. >> woodruff: then, we examine the federal government's proposed rules to limit pollution from automobiles, likely to result in cleaner air and maybe higher prices. >> suarez: hari sreenivasan reports on the mounting backlog at the veterans administration, where the wait time to resolve claims often takes more than a year. >> why should you have to fight? why should you have to fight for your benefits? i wento w, i d wh i h to do. >> woodruff: jeffrey brown talks with author mohsin hamid about his new novel, a tale of love and success exploring the promise and perils of rising asia. >> if you look at a bookshelf in pakistan, or really anywhere in asia, you'll see shelf after shelf full of, you kn
. what sde think? we'll get the details. >>> north korea today threatening a nuclear strike against the u.s. as the u.n. passes its toughest sanctions yet. >> the strength, breadth, and severity of these sanctions will raise the cost to north korea of its elicit nuclear program. taken together, these sanctions will bite and bite hard. >> direct from that vote, u.n. ambassador susan rice joining us live from late-breaking details. >>> and we'll hear from house intelligence chair mike rogers. and what's in a name? that's what stephen colbert wants to know. >> i think we should naem all of our weather events after what kind they are, plus whatever people are talking about on television at the time. today washington is blanketed in the snow-quester. tomorrow a storm covers the u.s. in drone-cicles. or a freak blizzardashian. oklahoma is still suffering the effects of -- >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell back in washington. senator bob corker was at that dinner with the president last night, and he joins me now from the hill. thank you very much. well, senator, i'm not going to ask you about th
to go to prison. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. >>> new and alarming. north korea ratchets up its threats against the u.s. but could it follow through on firing missiles at america? we'll bring you the very latest on this developing story. >>> guns, immigration, the economy, a week of swiftly moving issues as the president tries to tackle them all. what comes first? >>> and the next chapter. will american amanda knox be forced to go back to italy? facing murder charges once again. we have some new answers this morning. >>> and soda fizzle. a new report on changing american habits, that's in our three big money headlines for you. hi, everybody, great to have you with me today. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." i'm thomas roberts, alex has a much-deserved day off. here's what's happening for you now. in north korea, just announcing it has entered a quote, state of war, against south korea. meaning it will deal with every issue with the south in a wartime manner. this follows a string of warnings and threats by north korea against south korea and the u.s. for its routine military
with dave letterman's take on north korea. >> apparently dennis rodman, while -- you know he went to visit the evil dictator kim jong un. look, a new movie. >> an unconventional cop with a flare for destruction takes out an international arms dealer and only one man can help him succeed, rodman un, unstoppable. the supreme leader is now your supreme action leader. coming soon. >> get it out of here. soon. >>> another carnival cruise ship broke down, and it's called the carnival dream, that's the name of this one. the last one was the triumph. and how about better names for the ships, like misery, or oh, what is that smell? >> we are going to hear about that forever. it's his visual look in the first place. >> yeah, and the shades. he's got the look. >>> thank you for starting your morning with us. >> we have much more here on "cnn saturday morning," and we start right now. good saturday morning to you. so glad you are up with us bright and early. i am susan hendrix in for randi kaye. >> and i am joe johns. >>> we have seen reports this morning that the north test fired a pair of short-rang
>> north korea's leader holds an emergency meeting as thousands rally by pyongyang in a show of strength. hello and welcome to al jazeera live from doha. also on the program, iran, syria and north korea block a new u.n. create they to regular threat arms trade. why? well, we'll go live to teheran to find out why. the cripryian president tells his people economic turmoil has been contained. and -- i'm in the egyptian style? delta. find out of the why this area, once a football pitch is now ompletely submerged. north korea's leader has orders his army to prepare for a rocket attack on u.s. military bases in the pacific. it scuggetted he approved an order with his late night meeting with his generals. harry force et reports from seoul. >> in the center of pyongyang thousands turned out in a show shouted to him and death to the u.s. imperialists. pyongyang signed off on his long range missiles to attack the mainland and bases in the pacific. in statements attributed to him he said the time has come to settle klts with the u.s. imperialists adding the u.s. hostilities have entered
news alert, the pentagon now beefing up defense along the west coast after reports that north korea test fired two short-range missiles, stoking nuclear tensions with that nation even further. military officials from the south today saying that north korea fired those missiles over water. these are pictures of the launch last year. today's launch app in response to ongoing drills by the united states and south korea. the pentagon says this only heightens the nuclear threat. coming up we are going to have the latest news from the pentagon and a discussion with a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. but first, we are awaiting a speech by one of the most outspoken critics of obama's health care law and momentarily he'll be addressing this year's conservative political action conference cpac as it's known. hello, everyone, glad you're with us, i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> thanks for joining us, i'm hell they are childress. and america's most influential conservatives, and speaking michele bachmann, take a look at her live there.
korea. what do you think of the idea? how serious do you think is the threat from the north korean a a good morning and are we paying a price for the fact that president obama scaled back on missile defense when came into office? >> well, look, i applaud the efforts. i talked to senator kerry and i know we have a group heading off to poland on monday to talk about this further. i applaud it as i mentioned. i do hope we will focus on a base on the eastern side with radar facilities. and i think the question is, chris, how does the nondeplowment of the fourth phase of our european based issues it temperature affect us over time. there is technical issues we will be getting into this week with the the pentagon and the state department but certainly i think most all of us applaud the efforts to beef up our missile defense on the west coast chris do you think that kim young unand the north koreans are a threat to the u.s. >> i don't think they have the mechanism to really harm us. i think it puts us in a different place as it relates to negotiating with them. at the end of the day, chri
to have you here on the "journal" on dw in berlin. north korea threatens to scrap all non-agression pact with south korea after united nations sanctions. >> dozens had to caracas to their final farewell to hugo chavez. >> on international women's day, we look at an initiative in india to train women cabdrivers. north korea says it is scrapping a non-agression pact with south korea and canceling the armistice agreement between them. >> these threats come after the united nations security council put fresh sanctions on the communist country over its nuclear program. they have called for calm and restraint, saying the situation on the korean peninsula is highly complex and sensitive. >> the german foreign minister has urged china to use its influence on p'yongyang to stop its provocative actions. >> propaganda and north korean style. state tv shows kim jong un visiting units close to the border with south korea. his focus is on a south korean island, a gesture aimed to provoke neighbors and please the north korean people. tensions have heightened since the regime scrap its non- agression pa
on the newshour: house minority leader nancy pelosi on the budget negotiations and more; on north korea, new sanctions and new threats; plus, the strictest abortion law in the nation. but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: the u.s. has captured osama bin laden's spokesman and flown him to new york to face terror charges. reports today said sulaiman abu ghaith was seized in jordan sometime in the last week. abu ghaith served as a main voice of al qaeda and was also bin laden's son-in-law. in video recordings, he urged muslims to fight the u.s. in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. he is expected to make an initial appearance tomorrow in federal court in new york. in syria, u.n. officials negotiated with the leader of a rebel group holding 21 u.n. peacekeepers. they were taken captive yesterday in a village in the golan heights. videos have since been posted online purportedly showing the peacekeepers saying that they are safe and being treated well. at the same time, there has been intense shelling in the area where they're being held. the first bill to curb
"newsline," i'm ross mihara. officials in north korea have threreenen to unilaterally scrap all non-aggression agreements with south korea. their announcement follows the u.n. security council's approval of tougher sanctions against the north. council members made the move to punish the reclusive nation for carrying out a nuclear test last month. >> translator: the united states and south korea went as far as adopting a u.n. security council resolution to impose more sanctions on our country while trying to set off a nuclear war. >> a statement by the committee in charge of interkorean dialogue says north korea will scrap non-aggression being pacts with the south starting monday. the same says the country will close the north/south hotline at the demilitarized zone. authorities at pyongyang said they would cancel the 1953 armistice that ended hostilities in the korean war. they justified that decision by saying they were responding to u.s./south korea military exercises that started a week ago and will continue into april. north korea's announcement has sparked strong reactions in s
-together with the republicans. is his term offensive working? >> north korea's leader cheered by his military after a new league of nuclear threats. now we may have a new weapon. >>> and a ban on sugary drinks could be days away? and coffee drinkers are confused. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and from around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room". >>> president obama takes his new outreach campaign to capitol hill this week. he is trying to improve his relationship with republicans by offering frank talk and a good meal. our chief correspondent, what an amazing week, a real turn around as far as the president's charm offensive is concerned. what is going on? >> that is right, wolf, it has almost been washington in black and white this week, a flashback to a bygone era, where democrats and republicans sat down together and tried to solve the problems of the nation. the president is doing just that. inviting the republicans out to dinner at a fancy hotel here in washington earlier this week. and then meeting with an old campaign rival, the full vice presidential candidat
ahead of the un security council vote. north korea condemned joint military exercises carried out by america and south korea. "the u.s. is about to ignite a nuclear war. we will exercise our rights to a preemptive nuclear strike against it." the un security council u.s. ambassador -- at the un security council, the u.s. ambassador dismissed the threats. "the vote was unanimous, and included north korea's closest ally, china." when north korea tries -- >> when north korea tries to move money to pay for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs countries must now block those transfers, even if the money is being carried in suitcases full of bulk cash. >> the sanctions are a response to a nuclear test that follow this rocket launch in december. they closed loopholes and strengthened measures imposed in previous revolutions ring them more in line with un restrictions on it ran -- bringing them more in line with un restrictions on iran. >> defuse the tension. bring down the heat. >> negotiations are not the top priority on the ground. with the u.s. demonstrating its military support f
tensions are escalating with north korea. russia and china are getting anxious. they expressed increasing concern. in north korea's capital thousands rallied in support of their leader. kim jong-un shouting death to the imperialists and that followed a clear message to the u.s. in which stealth bombers and b-52s dropped weapons just a few miles from north korea. the display was part of a drill, but president kim responded by ordering his missiles to be ready to strike the u.s. and south korea. north korea's weapons can't travel far enough to reach the u.s. >> former south african president nelson mandela is in good spirits as he recovers from persistent lung infection. the 94-year-old was admitted to the hospital earlier this week. it's his third stay since december. mandela's son announced today that his father was in good spirits and has been able to eat well. the former president contracted tuberculosis when he was a political prisoner and has had lung problems ever since. >>> a health scare for thousands of former patients of an oklahoma debtist who are being told they may have been e
and arraigned in new york. following sanctions, ugly threats from north korea. >> i don't think the regime in north korea wants to commit suicide, but they must surely know that would be the results of any attack on the united states. >> when boarding the aircraft, dump the shampoo, because your favorite pocketknife may be ok. >> it doesn't make any sense. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> during his first term, the rap on president obama for members of both parties is that he did not spend enough time stroking members of congress. wednesday night, he invited a dozen republican senators to dinner at jefferson hotel, just up 16th street from the white house. >> a very positive, encouraging, candid, focused on how do we come together. compromise is necessary and it is possible. the issue is how do we get there. >> a recent post tells us that -- a recent poll that the tough- guy stance on the budget is not going over well with voters. the president's approval rating is down seven percentage points from last month. after voters realize that the unthinkable wa
of interkorean dialogue says north korea will scrap non-aggression pacts with the south starting monday. the statement says the country will close the north-south hotline at the demilitarized zone. authorities at pyongyang said they would cancel the 1953 armistice. they justified that decision by saying they were responding to u.s.-south korea military exercises that start ad week ago and will continue into april. >>> north korea's announcement has sparked strong reactions in seoul. south korean defense officials say they are ready to strike back against anything that the north throws at them. >> translator: north korea is conducting military drills with unprecedented intensity. they mobilized submarines, fighter jets, and special forces for the maneuvers. >>> a defense ministry spokesperson has warned south korean force will retaliate against any provocation. he dismissed the threat of preemptive nuclear strike saying such an attack would mark the end of kim jong-un's regime. south korean president park geun-hye issued a stern warning. >> reporter: any country that focuses exclusively
and dismissed the statement as propaganda. >> a huge rally in pyongyang choreographed that north korea means business. they pledged to defend kim jong- un to the death, and the marshall rehtorihetoric escalatd by the day. state tv announced that pyongyang said they will treat all matters with wartime protocol. panic at the latest threats. >> the south koreans are not that nervous. many times. this breakt think worarwar will out. north korea would collapse and i don't think they will commit suicide. >> they could hit targets as far as alaska but it is likely pyongyang is working to build support for the young leader. they will shut down a shared industrial zone if the "insulting rhetoric" continues, but south koreans doubt this as it would cut off finances for the impoverished state. >> we spoke to justin strother in seoul and asked him how seriously we should take this. >> north korea's threats can't be completely ignored -- and south korea is on alert as they have joint military drills. north korea's threats are harsher but what thye'rey're hoping is there is a provocative action where pyon
examines the united nations security council's move to impose new sanctions on north korea and pyongyang's threat to launch a nuclear strike on the u.s. >> brown: and hari sreenivasan looks at the passage of the nation's strictest abortion law in arkansas, where nearly all procedures will have to be done in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and friends of the newshour. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: another key seat in president obama's national security team was filled today. the senate approved a new leader for the central intelligence agency, but not befor
. north korea is on a war footing, with military parades in pyongyang. news broadcasts are full of theater and threats, 20 this far alone. from turning washington to a lake of fire and cutting military hotlines to south korea. it is an effort to eget washington's attention. they say the bellicose record only deepens the isolation in the u.s. and the u.s. remains committed to its allies, and demonstrated it. fromuclear capables flew missouri to the penninsula of korea. china appealed for calm. nobody believes north korea will launch rockets but a small incident could escalate. >> sergei lavrov saiys unilateral actions could mena it could spiral out of control. he may have meant north korea as much as the u.s. >> the war of words is part of the relationship with washington and pyongyang. it has been a vexing problem and the obama administration has had trouble engaging north korea without looking as if they've caved to threats. >> for more on the tensions i spoke to former ambassador bill richardson. he's been there on private visits and was inside the country in january. >> governor richard
from host to belacoast. north korea is now once again threatening america. noco, warned of a preemptive strike on the u.s.. is it more bull after partying with one? zinger. >> what meat did they serve the former nba star. reports that kim jong-un held a lavic dinner with dennis and they had a roasted pig and all girl orchestra that played theme songs from dallas and rocky. here's the band from earlier this year. ♪ ♪ and less interesting news, the u.s. is fully capable of defending on an attack. north korea responded with this statement. ♪ ♪ >> point taken awesome guitar player. north korea clearly loves rocky. pop culture, we send sly stallone to north korea and forget rodman, rocky. >> they love locky movies. >> you are terrible. terrible. >> is that why everybody said something mechanicly correct that that is terrible. >> i couldn't give a -- >> north korea, come on, that is threatening, like justin bieber threatening night. if you buy stuff made in north korea it snaps in three seconds. >> it is an interesting point that no one takes north korean's threats seriously because t
teaming up with the nra, a bad idea. >>> also, take this, north korea. >> i love him. i love the guy. he's awesome. >> dennis rodman's basketball diplomacy. dan rather, is this really what the world needs. >>> and white house revelations. the bush 41 crying. >>> the look inside the controversial church, picketing church's funerals. >>> what one woman saw before they threw her out. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> there are stranger things in dennis rodman's mission to north korea. well, i assume there are stranger things. i just can't offhand think of them. he told george stephanopoulos about his new best friend, kim jong-un. >> i don't condone what he does. as far as person to person, he's my friend. as far as what he does, deal with it. >> as someone who hypothetically is a murderer, who is your friend, is still a murderer. >> seriously, you know, i think that's what -- what i did, what i did, was history. was history. guess what. it's like we do over here in america, right? >> what i did was history. well, it's hardly a standard speak. but the fact remains dennis rodman is one of t
>> a threat of war. north korea cuts military lines with the south and warns of an imminent conflict. hello there. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead, fears of a bank run in sibe us are. doors of banks prepare to reopen. somalia's president gives us his response to a report of security forces and refugees. prayers of passion. day two of the u.s. supreme court hearing on gay marriage. north korea has again ratcheted south, ons with the a military official said there is no communications in a situation where "war may break out at any moment. tensions have risen following u.s. and south korea military drills and un sanctions over the north's military tests. >> the north korean television showed pictures of leader kim jong-un -- the military was doing what it could to turn up the tension. they informed south korea they were cutting off the hot line that connects the two militaries, saying that no words, only arms would work. another statement from the foreign minister was relayed by a newsreader. >> the korean peninsula is now in a touch and go situation due t
are watching aljazeera live from doha. preparing for war -- north korea threatens to close one of its is going on there? >> the day started off a relatively quiet. eventually, demonstrators arrived but it has been much quieter than previous years. tens of palestinian demonstrators and about their -- and about 30 israeli soldiers moved in behind me. this truck was used by israel to spray a foul-smelling liquid but it has not been used yet. bullets. rubber-coated a couple of people were injured by those bullets. one man was hit in the stomach. the demonstration has been quieter than previous years. a sense ofere is fatigue among the palestinian population. there has been demonstrations for the last several months over other issues like palestinian prisoners. demonstrations have been smaller as a result. in a few hours from now, there will be palestinian demonstrations inside israel in the northern towns. >> it has been nearly 40 years and israeli settlements are still growing. the separation will continues to impact lives. give us a sense of how palestinians view their future? >> most palestinia
. >> the u.n. security council punishing north korea with tough new sanctions. members of the united nations security council warned north korean leaders together and separately not to carry out another nuclear test. authorities disregarded those warnings and went ahead with a third underground test. the security council has responded with new sanctions. the resolution requires union nations to deport official who is violate resolutions. the sanctions include a freeze on assets believed to be linked to the country's nuclear or missile programs. it's now mandatory to inspect cargo that would be related to weapons development. crews of ships who refuse inspections will not be allowed to dock. previous resolutions only requested such action. council members have expressed concern over the use of diplomatic privileges. >> these sanctions will bite an bite hard. they increase north korea's isolation and raise the cost to north korea's leaders of defiing the international security. >> to address the nuclear address and to prevent isolation. >> japan's u.n. ambassador urged officials to think hard
an attack from north korea. the plan included adding 14 interceptors to a missile defense system in alaska. hagel said the move is designed to stay ahead of the threat from north korea. to discuss the move is the director of the center on international security. is this announcement aimed more at north korea or iran? >> i think it is definitely aimed more at north korea for a couple of reasons. one, the missile defense plan the administration announced was very much focused on iran. aheadt of tries to stay of the iranian threat. i think this is more focused on north korea because we have seen developments recently over the last six months that are troubling in terms of their capability to have long-range missiles to hit the u.s. they launched a satellite into orbit. it did not stay in orbit very long, but it did demonstrate the technology needed for long-range missiles and the recent nuclear test as well, so this is staying ahead of the threat, i think. not beinterceptors will deployed until 2015. >> the prudent measure for the 2018 time frame when north korea might have that amount, we ar
train track. >> north korea is taking action after u.s. bombers fly near its borders. we'll tell you what happened. >>> the tension is thicker than ever. north korea put its rockets on standby tonight to attack the u.s. and south korea. it's a response to force shown today when two bombers flew over the korean peninsula. at this time, neither side is showing any signs of backing down. >> reporter: two stealth bombers dropped munitions on a south korean bombing range scheduled to run through april. they were deployed from whiteman air force base in missouri. more than 6,000 miles away. a show of force coming at a time of escalating tensions. >> we will une kwif kablly going to defend. >> angers by the military drill, north korea's young leader has issued almost daily threats including threats on washington and soul. the north has threatened u.s. bases in the pacific following tough u.s.-led sanctions. and one of the last remaining hotlines to the south put its troops on what it calls combat readiness and war may break out at any moment. it has already renounced the armistice that ende
at the top stories now. the pentagon is taking nuclear threats from north korea so seriously that it is ramping up missile defense on the west coast. reports say north korea test fired two short range missiles into the waters this past week. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says he wants to make it clear they stand firm against aggression. he says 14 extra missile defenses will be up and running by 2017. >> the reason that we're doing what we're doing and the reason that we're advancing our program here for homeland security is to not take any chances, to stay ahead of the threat. to ensure any contingency and that's why we made the decision we have. >> i will talk to a security expert that will break down the latest threat and the u.s. response. two teenaged girls took the stand for the defense in the rape trial of two high school football stars in steubenville, ohio. the alleged rain of a 26-year-old girl happened last august during a full night of partying. one girl said the victim was drunk and uncooperative during a night of partying in august. she says she refused to
. >>> north korea says its nuclear weapons are not a bargaining chip and it will not negotiate with the u.s. over its nuclear program. the angry rhetoric comes a day after the u.s. anoupsnounced pl to guard against a possible north korean attack. north korea reportedly test-fired short range missiles today. south korea's state-run media say north korea fired missiles into the east sea. >>> defense secretary chuck hagel says more than a dozen new missile interceptors will be on the west coast by 2017 to guard against a possible north korean attack. cnn's tom foreman takes a closer look at how the u.s. is beefing up protection against north korea. >> the pentagon is acknowledging that north korea is becoming more of a global threat because of the speed at which it is developing its missile program and its nuclear weapon program. how does the military want to respond to this? at the front line, by going to the pacific ocean where the fear is that north korea on its best day might be able to launch a missile that would go all the way out to hit some parts of the united states. what are they g
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